Thursday, June 28, 2007

Flippin' Out

Lately I have been paying extra attention to a lot of the commercials on TV, usually looking for something that immediately jumps out and interests me. There are many outstanding funny ads like the new Filet O’ Fish sandwiches, or graphically stimulating ads like Sprite’s ‘Sublymonal Advertising’. But what I really like to stumble upon are the more subtle ads that use simple techniques to accomplish great audio/visual synergies. Here is a recent ad that makes for a great example of what I’m talking about:

When everyone is competing to be hilarious or technically innovative, sometimes watching a commercial like this can be a breath of fresh air. It sticks to the basics: interesting video footage of spontaneous events – supplemented with feel-good music is all this commercial needed to appease the viewer, but at the same time, get this product’s message across.

Pat B.
Creative Intern

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