Thursday, June 21, 2007

Cleveland is the city...

People don’t give Cleveland enough credit. The media outside of Cleveland always seem to put down Cleveland sports and it seems like so many of my friends always say they’re moving away from Cleveland as soon as they graduate. And I often wonder, what’s so bad about Cleveland anyways?

Sure, the winters are frigid and summers are hot and humid. But aside from the weather, I can’t find many other reasons to complain about the area. There’s always something going on and something to do, either downtown or in the nearby suburbs. There are sporting events, museums, cultural events, music concerts, theater productions, restaurants, shopping, and recreation areas. Take your pick; these are just a few.

Along the same lines, since beginning my internship at LS, I’ve increasingly noticed and took interest in some of the initiatives and events that organizations within the city of Cleveland have come up with to try to help “slow the brain drain” of people leaving Ohio and to attract more young professionals and recent college graduates. Some of these events can be found

LS is an agency made up of a fair amount of young people and individuals who are active in the local business community, and many of them are involved in these organizations. Another cool program that LS participates in is the
Late Out/Late In program, which I had never heard of since I started working here. It’s just another way to help attract young professionals to Cleveland.

In short, I think Cleveland is a pretty cool place to be living and working this summer. Sure New York and Chicago are advertising capitals of the world, but I’ve quickly come to realize in the week that I’ve been working here, that I can have a great agency experience, benefit from the work that I am doing, and even have some time to explore and enjoy the many things that Cleveland has to offer. After all, Cleveland is the city.

Jessica M.

Program Management Intern

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