Friday, June 22, 2007

Insert Catchy Title Here

A finance intern at an ad agency? Aren’t ad agencies for CREATIVE people? I will not lie to you, I have asked myself those same questions. While my fellow interns are researching advertisements, brainstorming new ideas for different companies and sketching ideas for new designs, I am entering credits and debits into journal entries and deciphering between account receivables and account payables. Honestly… I couldn’t be happier. This is my niche; this is what I am good at. Coming up with catchy titles for blogs or designing a poster may not be my forte, but give me some numbers and a calculator and I will go to town.

Don’t let my math background fool you though, I am so excited to be around so many creative people all of the time. With taking on a minor in Public Relations, I feel that LS is right where I am supposed to be. I have sat in on some brainstorming meetings and looked at what the Creative Services department does and I get inspired. LS makes me want to be more creative and makes me think outside of the “accounting” box. Even though it has only been two weeks since the internship started, my creative juices are already flowing much more than before. From working on T-shirt ideas with the other interns to trying take my Mom’s advice and instead of going shopping and getting new clothes, I am getting creative with what I already own to wear to work. I think I am going to fit in just fine.

I am very excited to see what the next six weeks has in store for me and the other interns. In the past two weeks I have experienced and learned so many new things, I can’t imagine that my brain has enough room to hold what the rest of my time here has to offer… but I am more than willing and excited to find out. And hopefully by my next blog I will be able to give you all a catchy and creative title!

Kelly M.
Finance Intern

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