Thursday, June 14, 2007

Experience: The Hardest Class I’ve Taken Yet

After a month-long head start here at Liggett Stashower, I am finally joined by the rest of the interns. And as far as “learning the ropes” goes, I’d say that I’m swinging from them like Tarzan. Or Kong. Or even the curious blue-nosed mandrill from Western-Central Africa.

While studying for a degree in Graphic & Communication Design, I did not think that there was much more I could have done to prepare for a career in advertising. Yet when I arrived here, my opinion changed. I was introduced to the exciting chemistry of the agency, including group projects, 24­-hour deadlines, and flawless execution. It was a stark change from the lax 2-week-long projects I mastered in school.

Complete with presentations, process binders, team intern projects, real client projects, odds and ends around the office, and, as a creative, the constant study of popular culture, fine art, literature, and history, this internship is easily the hardest class I have ever taken. But the challenge is the reason I’m so passionate about beginning a career in advertising and I would have to say that's why everyone else at this agency does it, too.

Pat B.

Creative Intern

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