Thursday, June 24, 2010

Hello Cleveland!

I've lived in the Cleveland area my whole life, so I really care about this town! It's been so much fun working downtown and seeing the city up close on an everyday basis. It's been even more fun the past few days keeping up with Cleveland on television. Between Man vs. Food at the West Side Market, Hot Sauce Williams and Melt, plus the second episode of Hot in Cleveland last night, we've been all over!

Getting to see different sides of Cleveland is really important to me. We are such a diverse city and that's why I've so enjoyed working on my newest project for the University Settlement. University Settlement is a community center that provides social services to the residents of the Broadway/Slavic Village neighborhood in southeast Cleveland.

For the rest of this internship, I'll be working with the Settlement once a week to help create new marketing material for their website and newsletters. Yesterday, as part of my first official visit, I met with some of the Settlement's program managers and volunteers. It was wonderful to meet with people who are so invested in helping Cleveland and its residents to thrive.

It was inspiring to learn about the senior, youth and family services that the Settlement provides. There's free day camp for children, a food pantry operated by their Hunger Center, and a computer lab available for residents who need internet access - just to name a few! I can tell this project will teach me about much more than just marketing this summer. I'm so excited to do my part in helping an organization in which so many people rely.
Katie F.
Brand Management Intern

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