Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Post-Father's Day Tribute

My dad has the most unusual life. He lives in Cleveland, but works in Chicago. He travels across the world to meet with clients, interview potential employees, and maintain his company's composure in the face of a global recession. His only doses of normalcy are the occasional home-cooked meals and ESPN. But despite his chaotic lifestyle, he still motivates me to succeed in the business arena. That's why I'm always looking for opportunities to impress him--that's why I'm always talking to him about Liggett.

This past weekend, I told him about my first major writing assignment at LS. I wrote the draft for a "camera-ready" article for our client that would be sent to a painter's trade magazine. The article needed to have a journalistic flair--a style that presented me with a personal challenge. I told my dad that I did some thorough research before writing the piece, which included: reading through similar articles, researching blogs that discussed my topic, and browsing the client's website to learn about their product. My dad said, "That's awesome!" And it was!

I also told him that I worked at the 7th Annual Duct Tape Festival, where I saw decorated ponies, "groovy" vans, and jaw-dropping floats made entirely out of DuckBrand duct tape. Witnessing the festival behind-the-scenes exposed me to the high level of work that goes into publicizing and organizing an event. My dad said, "This is great experience for you." And he was right!

As week three kicks off, I'm eager to work on more projects and hit the ground running. I'm glad that Liggett has given me opportunities to impress my dad, and I want him to know that I feel so fortunate to have such a positive mentor and supportive father.

Happy belated Father's Day!

Rachelle P.
Brand Mangement Intern

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