Tuesday, June 29, 2010

There's No 'I' in Work

I’ve spent a lot of time the past two days assembling the newest press kit that Liggett is sending out. The press kits that I’ve seen sent out of this place are incredible. Each one is crafted to be above and beyond what any media outlet expects from an agency. As I cut the 105th metallic star out and glue it down, I think about the importance of teamwork. Without it, there is no way Liggett would be producing the great work that they have been.

I see teamwork around me everyday here. Even with the current press kits I’m assembling, I’ve had countless people come by and help me with any spare time they had. But it’s not just the tedious tasks that require teamwork.

In the past week I’ve sat in a few brainstorming meetings where we gather to discuss a client’s situation and come up with a creative solution. These meetings thrive on teamwork. The team contributes their views and ideas that spark new views and ideas in other team members. Team brainstorming is a lot of fun and it produces a lot more creativity than working on a project solo.

When Sasha, the design intern, and I are given a project, we have to work together to get it done. We are given a creative brief with some direction, then we collaborate and execute. Sure, I’m supposed to be the copywriter and she, the graphic designer, but when we get stuck, we rely on the other for help. She helps me when I’ve exhausted every synonym for entertainment and I help her when her layout has been placed every way possible.

I have a feeling without teamwork this place wouldn’t run the way it does now. And I know for sure that some of the best creative work has come from teamwork.

The intern team will be gracing the social deck at the Cleveland Indians game on Thursday. Let’s hope their teamwork will pull out a win!

Ben L.
Creative Intern

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