Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Mid-Week Muse

This week’s writing muse seems to be hiding. As I tap my pen off my desk, and reach for more coffee, I wonder why today seems the hardest so far. With so many great projects at hand, I become flustered trying to think of how to put it all down in words.

My desktop has become cluttered with .ase files and at least a dozen screen shots from fontsquirrel giving the appearance that I just cannot make up my mind; but this clutter all corresponds with my search. I’m not only looking for the right type or the right color, I’m looking for something to hit me, like an earthquake in Ohio.

Luckily for me, Liggett helps me find inspiration. My fellow interns and colleagues always lend a good laugh and great insight when I’m stuck, and for today’s writing block, pretzel M&Ms and ISO50 (thanks Nathaniel!) My mentor Wes plays music that I have never heard before and that alone can keep me going for an afternoon. Something about the constant thumping and melodic voices makes thinking easy. This past Monday, we broke up the routine completely; out of the office and in the summer sun, we strolled over to the ESPN radio station for a tour and an array of loud men in suits. It was a fun way to start the week and the whole day seemed to float by from there.

Being a designer, I get inspiration from the obvious places like GOOD and welovetypeography, but somehow every week, I get lost in the Internet’s endless feed of cat videos and “memes”. However, via these distractions, I’ll occasionally stumble upon something much more interesting. Recently, I came upon an archive of old photographs and being the darkroom lover I am, I couldn’t help but spend a while sifting through endless pages of beautiful images. There’s something about looking into the past that really gets my head working; I become a little less tense, a little more inspired, and a lot more able to move forward.

So, calling all designers/artists/readers/writers, how do you get inspired and beat the mid-week mind block?

Sasha T.

Graphic Design Intern

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