Wednesday, June 30, 2010

When all the work is over, we play

We’re now into our fourth week here at Liggett, and I cannot honestly believe it. While the time has flown by, I feel like I’ve accomplished so much in such a short period of time. Amongst the papers cluttering behind me, there’s about two-dozen, or more, sticky notes masking what was once a cubicle wall. My space has turned more into an idea center, with sketches and to-do lists attempting to spill over into surrounding cubicles (sorry Ben!) However, although it seems like the list is never ending, the work comes so easily. With a few hours work, another task is marked off the to-do list and I move on.

As an intern, I worried at first that I wouldn’t be busy enough. Boy, was I wrong. Within the first week I had already finished my first project with about three others on my heels to begin. Each week I look forward to the next assignment and this week, I’ve learned about a few more coming up that are not only going to be fun, but also very rewarding and possible portfolio pieces.

Here at Liggett, I don’t get that intern “vibe” that many interns talk about; I feel like part of the office family. Often my mentor Wes turns to me when he is stuck on a project, and I throw in my twenty-year-old two cents and often, just the collaboration of minds solves the problem. Earlier this week, Nathaniel, a close cubicle-mate handed me a Photoshop file with about thirty or so layers, and I attempted to merge and group until it made sense, and even then, the file was HUGE. Yes, it was challenging and a little frustrating at first, however, it’s this type of work that I love.

Sometimes, the best work derives from the simple task of taking a step back from your computer and handing it over for someone else to look over. A pair of fresh eyes will see what’s been staring you right in the face- for Nathaniel it was a starburst. My addition broke his creative block, and viola, a website is made.

As Ben mentioned, we are going to the Indian’s game tomorrow. For all the work we do, it’s nice to get times like these when ‘play’ is also a factor. Now, tonight I must scramble to find something red or blue to wear. Look for us on the Social Deck tomorrow- Game starts @ 12:05 p.m.

Sasha T.
Creative Intern

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