Monday, June 14, 2010

Watch Out: I’m a Grown-Up!

Life comes at you fast--and what a better way to prepare for it than to intern at Liggett Stashower! After only one week, I've successfully battled rush hour traffic while being pleasantly entertained by 96.5 KISS FM's phone taps. As I walk through the doors of Liggett and take the elevator to avoid the three flights of stairs, I can't help but smile as I enter my very own cubicle (complete with computer, hi-tech phone, locker and name label!).

The brand management department is already exposing me to the changing tide of the PR and advertising industries. During training, I learned how to create a media database using CisionPoint. This tool allows PR professionals to find media contacts that best suit the needs of their clients. Katie (the other brand management intern) and I will use CisionPoint, as well as other research options, for our "blogger outreach" project. The goal for our project is to create a blogger directory that addresses specific topics for the home and building industries. Since more and more customers are turning to bloggers for advice on purchasing decisions, our database should help LS's clients find an appropriate blogger that can promote their products.

Experiencing Liggett is also experiencing Cleveland. Our intern class will have the privilege to explore other areas of the communication industry in C-Town including: The Plain Dealer, ESPN Radio, WKYC, Oliver Printing, and Progressive Field's Tribe Social Deck! We will also have an "intern crawl" where we will meet the interns of other PR and advertising companies in Cleveland, visit their home front, and eat lunch together at one of Cleveland's fantastic restaurants. (Catch up later to find out more about these activities!)

So far, I've learned that running on six hours of sleep and TV dinners isn't so bad! The "real world" may have its bumps, but spending my time at Liggett has been wonderful. I can't wait to see what they have in store for me this week.

Rachelle P.
Brand Management Intern

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