Monday, July 16, 2007

It's not the coffee that keeps us going.

A few weeks ago, all of the interns had lunch with one of the members of upper-management. We asked him about his career and what it takes to be successful in the advertising industry. He said that it takes passion, persistence and attention to detail.

From the past five weeks, I’ve really learned that being passionate, persistent and paying attention to detail, even if it makes you appear overly meticulous to your co-workers, is necessary for success in this industry.

In my last blog, I mentioned that at LS, you never know what you’re gonna get, and that has certainly been true for me this week. Yesterday, I strolled into the office with my coffee around 8:15am, checked my LS email, and got myself organized for the day. Then about 10 minutes later, I was asked to help prepare for a new client pitch that would be taking place that afternoon. Soon enough, I was helping to edit PowerPoint slides, following my mentor, who walks ten times faster than I do, around the office, printing presentation materials, and binding the materials together into some pretty snazzy looking presentation books. I had to finish putting together all of the necessary materials so the client pitch team could get out the door. I needed to work quickly to help meet the team’s deadline, but make sure not to make any mistakes. I didn’t even take a lunch break; my adrenaline just kept me going. But hey, I’m not complaining because I thrive on seemingly stressful situations.

So, the lesson learned here is that in this especially creative industry, you need to be passionate and detail-oriented to be successful, no matter if you’re working on the account side, creative side, or just helping out all around the agency as an intern. This isn’t the type of job where you let things go. It’s intense. We’re not crazy, and we’re not all wired on coffee here; we’re just wired on passion.

Marie D.
Program Management Intern

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Ann & Charlie said...

I am glad to see you are enjoying your intership. It sounds like you are getting some great experience while working with knowledgeable & resourceful people. We are proud of you!! We are glad you are doing well & enjoying yourself. Don't get too comfortable in Cleveland.....we all miss you in Cincinnati & can't wait for you to return!