Friday, July 20, 2007

That Just Made My Summer

“Okay so that just made my summer!”
My friend and fellow intern Olivia isn’t talking about a concert or a vacation, but the latest Liggett Intern field trip.

Yesterday the group took a trip to one of Cleveland’s local news stations. We were given a tour of the entire station – everything from the news pit to the editing booths and the production room. In my opinion, the news industry is the New York City of the communication world… it never sleeps. There is always someone in the news station 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 365 days a year. While working under a fast-paced, every second counts environment, it is important to keep focus and not loose yourself by becoming overwhelmed. I thought this was a great lesson to take away from the journalists and editors. Becoming overwhelmed at the situation will not help you do your work and will only hinder productivity. Instead, it is best to focus on the task at hand, delivering the best work possible while being time conscious.

One of the most exciting parts of the field trip was watching the noon news. We were able to sit in the studio while journalists presented the news to a live broadcast audience. It was awesome to watch the broadcast journalists read the news, and to see all the “behind the scenes” work that is involved with producing a news segment.

I am thankful to have the opportunity to learn about something as cool as this. Being able to experience a news station first-hand, while drawing the connection between news stations and advertising agencies is a one time opportunity. I love that the interns are able to go on all of these field trips and learn about other outlets of communication. It’s cool to see the relationships between advertising agencies and broadcast media – we both need each other.

Being an intern at Liggett and given the opportunity to broaden horizons, learn new things and experience the Cleveland communication world first had has definitely “made my summer.”

Crista S.
Program Management Intern

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