Thursday, July 19, 2007

Trevor, Intern for the World

Every intern experience is different. Here at Liggett, I've been given real client projects to work on. Other companies may have their interns going on coffee runs or basic office duties. For others, it may mean taking orders from complete strangers and having a live webcam record almost every minute of their day. That has become the life of one intern, Trevor "The Mentos Intern". Trevor's tasks are not given to him from his boss, but from people who visit his website and plan out his daily schedule. He cannot leave his office since his entire day is broadcast live on the internet. You can call, instant message or email him asking to do ridiculously entertaining things such as "interview the cat," "ask my boss for a raise," or "belly dancing lessons with the mail lady." As you can see, Trevor is no ordinary intern. He is the star of this viral marketing campaign put on by Mentos. Relying on viral marketing to get your message across can either be very successful or a flop. In this case, I think Mentos did a great job using technology and clever thinking to create this concept. I'm still wondering if Trevor knew what he was getting himself into when he applied for that intern position. Maybe I'll call him to find out.

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Linda F.
Creative Intern

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Fellow blogger said...

This site is addicting! It is a brilliant viral marketing campaign, getting people to interact with a goofy intern and have fun, while getting the Mentos brand name exposed. I can't believe this guy gets paid to do the crazy, odd-end tasks people think up! I also like how the super-sized Mentos mint roll is strategically placed in his office. Subtle, yet clever. Might be some subconscious marketing going on there.