Monday, July 16, 2007

Just Do It...

As a “student of advertising,” it’s almost become a habit for me to watch TV or flip through magazines and start analyzing the ads that I see and wonder, what is the brand trying to achieve with this ad? And more importantly, is it done effectively?

I’ve always liked Nike ads because they do more than just try to sell clothes or shoes. Over the years, they have developed a cohesive brand that is recognized by almost anyone in the world. By using top athletes, the brand’s personality and identity has become synonymous with athletic excellence, superior performance and product innovation. This can be seen in one of the latest ads that ran during the Wimbledon tennis tournament with tennis ace, Roger Federer (2007 Men’s Wimbledon winner) and Tiger Woods. (

Additionally, Nike ads are typically humorous and attention getting, but not so over the top that the viewer forgets what brand the ad is for. Like this new ad “welcoming” the number one NBA draft pick, Greg Oden, to the Portland Trailblazers.

By developing a consistent brand image and by effectively using light humor, Nike continues to set an example in the advertising and sport industries.

Jessica M.
Program Management Intern

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'07 intern said...

Jess -

Keep finding these cool ads. It's so interesting to see what company's are doing differently these days.