Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My Summer Family

It is week six at Liggett and the time is flying by. I keep thinking to myself that I have plenty of time to get things done and to hang out with the other interns, but in all reality that time is coming to an end very quickly. It seems that we are all being trusted with more and more work because we understand more and more about the business. But, more than just understanding and getting what goes on in the agency, we are understanding and getting each other. We know what pushes each other’s buttons, we know what each other is good at, and we know how passionate each other is about the work that we do.
We have joked before about being like the Brady Bunch and our intern coordinators being like Carol and Mike Brady. As goofy as it sounds, its true! We are a little family. Sometimes I see these seven people more than my own family. This is why I refer to them as my “summer family”. I knew coming into this that I was going to meet seven other interns. I did not know that these people were going to become part of my life. I thought that I would come to work, see them, and then go home. Yet, they are really fun and funny people who I like to be around. I look forward to “intern outings” after work and lunch on Star Plaza with them.
I am going to come out of Liggett with two things: a great experience and seven new friends.

Kelly M.
Finance Intern


'07 intern said...


Aww thanks so much! That was so nice!

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