Thursday, July 30, 2009

Diversifying Our Offerings

Tuesday, our intern class took a field trip to Modern International Graphics Inc. (MIGI). I was particularly interested in this trip because we would be seeing the offset printing presses that they use for corporate books, brochures, signage and other products. I’m into that kind of thing.

While we were there, Roger who is one of the managers at MIGI was telling us about how he had been with the company 20+ years and how much the business had changed since he started. One of the things he said that stuck with me was that clients now want more than just printing. They have to be an integrated media solutions provider. They have to do some branding, personalized marketing and web-to-print solutions, all while maintaining their position as the best printer around.

That kind of got me to thinking about this internship. I’m a public relations major at school, so I can write, sure, but to provide value to my customer (LS in this case) I (read YOU) have to also learn other skills quickly. That means using social media tools, reading client background information, even improving my typing skills. Since times have changed, we can no longer focus on just one thing.

What has been great about this internship is that I have had the chance to work on multiple projects, whether it was writing case studies, pitching to news media, doing social media monitoring or even lifting 200-lb. wood samples. Every skill and ability you have should be put to use to give your client/future employer the best possible product. And even though your goal is to help your employer, in the end you get the benefits.

Evan R.
Brand Management Intern

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