Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Schooled in Radio, Sports, and Life

Today the interns and I journeyed across Cleveland to the WKNR radio studio, which is an ESPN affiliate. I am not one for sports, but that did not stop me from absorbing everything I could from the experience. And truth be told, the experience was not sports focused at all. Mark "Munch" Bishop, a talk show host and Sports Director for the station, imparted words of wisdom upon the intern class that I truly believe will aid in our future success. I guess I’m a sucker for advice, but his words really struck home.

One thing Munch said that I think affected each and every intern is not to be afraid of change. He was adamant that we always try new things and to never turn something down if it is in our capabilities to get it done. Being able to master various projects and tasks will make us valuable assets to whatever company lies in our future.

Another piece of advice he gave us was to try and be better everyday in everything that we do. Every new task we take on should be our best work. This was very pertinent to our current situation, as we are all interns trying to get a grasp on what agency life is like. Putting ourselves forward for new projects, working as hard as we can for excellent results, and not being intimidated by the task at hand are all things we can use during our internships and in our futures.

As another week passes I am amazed at all that I have been able to accomplish. It has been difficult, discovering the style of the agency and trying to recreate that in my own work. But flexibility is what has really assisted me. Not getting too stuck in my ways has enabled me to change with every project I take on. Trying new things and gathering ideas is an experience much like Munch talked about, as it is important not to be afraid in situations where change is inevitable. Realizing that I have been applying the guidance that Munch bestowed upon us has allowed me to realize my growth since starting here five weeks ago.

So the radio station was an exciting field trip. Oh yeah. . . Munch also talked about interviewing people like baseball player Derek Jeter and a Browns football player named Josh Cribbs. I’m sure those names mean something to you sports fans out there. To me it was important just to glean guidance from a seasoned radio personality who knew a ton about marketing, PR, personality, and life.

Additionally, I have since embarrassed myself through my ignorance in sports, and I am now fully informed as to who Derek Jeter and Josh Cribbs are. I also know how to spell their names. Thank you LS.

Morgan P.
Brand Management Intern


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