Thursday, July 30, 2009

Feeling Green

Recently, I have been working on making my life “more green”. You know, trying to be more eco-friendly with my actions and purchases. My small steps toward becoming more green started at home by turning off the water while I brush my teeth, taking shorter showers, using my real dishes instead of disposable ones, reusing water bottles, turning off lights and TV, that sort of thing. However, I realized I spend a good chunk of my day here at Liggett and could “green” my actions here as well. LS made some eco-friendly decisions when we moved into our new space such as donating furniture to charities and organizations, recycling as more cardboard and paper as possible and reusing office supplies. I have been striving to do the same. Here is what I have been doing:

- taking the stairs as much as possible (especially the fun spiral ones!)

- reusing my cardboard cup from my morning commute coffee purchase throughout the day

- using less paper towels in the restroom or none at all (I am a fan of drying my hands by wiping them on my clothes, something my parents still yell at me for!)

- turning off the lights when I exit the restroom

- eliminating unnecessary printing

I know these are small steps, but they add up quickly among dozens of employees. As a young professional entering the business world, I hope to reduce my impact on the environment by taking these small steps early.

Abie M.
Graphic Design Intern

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