Friday, July 31, 2009

Intern Crawl. Please Meet Responsibly

Yesterday the intern class and I had the opportunity to experience the summers of various other interns around Cleveland through what we call an “Intern Crawl”. It allowed us to get a taste for other agencies, other programs, and other people through meeting up and taking each other to our various places of business. The day went a little something like this:

First, Interns met at Pickwick and Frolic on East 4th. East 4th really is a delightful little area. There were twinkle lights, overflowing flowerpots, and a lot of outdoors dining. The food was delicious. More importantly, we met up with two interns from Glazen Creative Studios, one from Dix and Eaton, a handful from Great Lakes Publishing, and one from Landau. While I expected most interns to be around my age (approaching their senior year of college), I was surprised to find that most weren’t. Several were going into their sophomore or junior year in college, and some had already graduated. The initiative taken by some of the younger interns was inspiring to me, as they have achieved experience with few years of education under their belts. It shows their initiative and drive. Most of the older interns were taking internships to get varied experiences and to be positive that they were in a field that they wanted to have a future career in. We all got along really well.

We then commenced our crawl. We started and Dix and Eaton, moved our way through the city to Glazen Creative Studios, popped into Liggett Stashower, and then ended at Great Lakes Publishing (where we received free magazines). Each place had a completely different atmosphere, niche, and specialty. At Dix and Eaton I learned about Investor and Crises Public Relations. At Glazen Studios, we watched incredible videos for their various clients. Each video told an entire story in just three minutes, it was amazing to see the pictures they painted. At Great Lakes Publishing, we learned about the different magazines they publish and were able to browse through them, seeing the articles the interns had helped with or written.

Each of us interns had something different required of us in our programs, so it was fascinating to see the various aspects. There are so many opportunities in communication type industries, and it is great to see how similar the jobs are, but also how completely different they can be. I wouldn’t last a day editing videos, but I can write a press release in a half hour (I think?). Each of us is armed with different gifts and specialties, but each of our businesses allows other businesses to find success.
Overall, it was a fun day full of fieldtrips, friendships, and learning. This pretty much sums up the LS internship program in a nutshell.

Morgan P.
Brand Management Intern

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