Thursday, July 09, 2009

From Halle to Huron

I have been in the new space for less than a week and I already feel right at home. Of course I’m not surprised as LS employees have a way of making you feel at home in any situation.

Monday was entirely devoted to unpacking and setting up the office, thus I was initially more comfortable on the freight elevator than in my own cubicle. However, after all (err most) of the work was done, it felt good to know that I had a hand in setting up a space that will house Liggett employees for many years to come. Best of all, our efforts were rewarded with delicious pizza and sandwiches for lunch!

While Tuesday was more of a normal day (no more wearing jeans to work L) there still was, and continues to be, a bit of upheaval from the move. Yet I have found this to be a learning opportunity as it teaches us how to work around the unexpected and to deal with limited resources. For instance, I have learned to substitute my morning coffee ritual with green tea until the coffee stations are back up and running…

All jokes aside, the Liggett community as a whole has gone above and beyond to help keep the ball rolling despite the rocky terrain. Yesterday, Morgan and I helped assemble press kits for rush delivery. Despite the time constraints, the six of us were able to get them out on time. We also got to practice using the new space’s workstations while we were at it! Everyone has been helping to locate and deliver items around the office when needed. It feels good not to be the only ones who don’t know our way around anymore. It feels even better to be involved in a learning process with everyone here at Liggett.

Today I look forward to toasting to the new space and all the hard work that went into it at a Happy Hour celebration in the area newly dubbed “The Mezz.”

Bonnie C.

Brand Management Intern

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