Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Mentor-Mentee Relationships

I want to touch briefly on the value of finding a mentor while completing an internship. When I began my search for summer internship opportunities, I knew that there were some great agencies I could apply to in the Cleveland area. As the application process continued, I decided to not only focus on everything that I felt I could offer these agencies, but rather also look at what their specific internship programs could offer me.

One aspect of the LS Intern Program that initially stuck in my mind was the importance the program places on fixing up each one of their interns with a mentor for the summer. After having a few years of college and a couple internships under my belt, I know that having a mentor can be very valuable. The LS Intern Program allows and encourages all of their interns to develop a relationship with their mentor, which will help to guide them through their internship.

I can safely say that I have had a great experience with my mentor so far. Not only do Jody and I have many things in common, she is also someone I know I can go to if I need help or if I have a problem with something I am working on. Even if I just need to bounce an idea off her, it is great and comforting to know that she is there to lend a hand.

To make sure that I am constantly engaging with and learning from Jody, I check in with her frequently during the day, ask her if she needs any help, and then check in with her before I leave at night. It is developing these kinds of relationships, such as mine with Jody, which have enhanced my internships and led me to the success I have had thus far as an intern.

If there is any advice I could give, it would be that even if the agency or company that you want to work for does not have a mentoring program set up like the one at LS, it would be of great value to reach out and find someone in the company that you could consider a mentor. Doing so will definitely help you make the most out of your time and your experience during your internship.

Rachel Z.
Connection Planning Intern

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