Friday, July 10, 2009

Facebook Application

Who’s been on Facebook for three straight hours today? This guy! But no, I wasn’t chatting with my friends, doing quizzes or tagging pics. I have been working with one of our clients’ fan page, and monitoring conversation on a forum about a contest that we are running.

I have to say, I love this internship so far. I first got into using social media for strategy in a class last fall. Since being at Liggett, I have been able to use much of this knowledge with quite a few projects and assignments. A couple of weeks ago I was able to attend a Webinar on word of mouth (WOM) and how we can use it for our social media strategies. I’ve been encouraged to engage with others on Twitter and they are completely cool with me staying logged in to Facebook all day.

Now sure, I’m working, but it’s doing something I already enjoy, connecting with people through social media and utilizing these tools to help clients. One of the best things has been that I have also learned some new tools and how to integrate them into what I am already doing. For example, I have had a Gmail account for a while but had never used Google Calendar before. It allows you to make dates and events and you can even publish your calendar onto your Facebook page, so that every time you update the calendar in Gmail, it gets updated on Facebook! This may sound simple but I had no idea that you could do that, and it is the little tricks and things that make a social media plan work.

I have also learned how to use Excel and this might make me look dumb but trust me, I’m not. I never had any reason to really use it in school or my old jobs. But my mentor Jimmy is the King of Excel and he is working with me so that I learn to use it properly.
The best thing about interning is getting to apply what you have learned in school to real life situations. That kind of experience increases both the value of your experience and that of your education.

Evan R.
Brand Management Intern

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