Friday, July 17, 2009

Organization is the True Key to Success.

I would really like to discuss the importance of being and staying organized in everything that you do. Organization is especially important in the position I am in, however, it is applied in all fields and all projects. In my job function, I am often found helping with accounts payable and payroll, both of which require insane organization.

At Liggett, an incoming invoice must go through various steps before payment can be approved. I take all the recent invoices, enter them into our login sheet for accounts payable, and then I must send them to the correct person for approval. Once the invoice is approved, I must then record that I have them back in my hands. Finally, I send them to the correct person in the rest of the financial department for payment and filing. This may sound boring to all the creative folk out there, but I find it interesting and enjoyable. I’m really able to see the inner workings of the company. Ultimately, however, I need to be ridiculously organized so that I know which invoices go where, and to whom they need to be sent. I have developed a sorting mechanism and a specific file for the invoices that have been previously sorted, and are ready to be sent out to the various departments.

In addition to accounts payable, I recently finished assisting with the benefits enrollment here at Liggett. From the beginning, I knew that I had to be on top of my game. With the move in full swing, we also had to assemble, distribute, and recollect the enrollment packets. I fortunately have had previous experience dealing with benefits enrollment. I think I would have gone nutty otherwise! I’m pretty sure most people thought that a paper bomb had exploded all over my desk as I was sorting, logging, and reviewing the benefits requested by all the employees. You couldn’t even see a single square inch of the wood finish on my desk, only the bright light of the sun reflecting off of the crisp white piles of paper. Again however, had I not remained organized, someone’s benefits could have been misplaced, resulting in a horrible lack of coverage for an employee when/if then get sick.

Yesterday was our first intern Thursday FunDay. We did a game show theme. Employees were able to participate in a Family Feud tournament, as well as Are You Smarter Than an LS Intern? Congratulations to our winners, Team RiRe Frolic for Family Feud, and Desiree B. for Are You Smarter?. Although I must also give credit to Chris B. for a valiant effort in the Are You Smarter? sudden-death question. I have to say that it was an overall success, and I am very proud of our intern class for all the work that they put into planning and executing both games.

I think the chocolate fondue fountain, and my amazing gingerbread apron went over well with the rest of the agency too!

The only way we were able to pull off the game show day was through organization. I had to budget all of our expenses (we were under-budget!), and we had to make lists upon lists of items we needed. Everyone came through with his or her tasks. It would have been a total disaster if we hadn’t put someone in charge of each item. Instead, we produced an enjoyable afternoon for the agency.

Moral of the story/advice for future interns: Stay organized and your life will be much less hectic, not to mention more productive.

Danielle E.
Financial Intern


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