Thursday, July 02, 2009

Moving Out!

I have been here three weeks and finally know my way around. I can find offices, conference rooms and even extra paperclips. Unfortunately, this knowledge is useless because we are moving this weekend! So Monday morning I will have to begin the process again. What can I say, at least I am always learning!

The first few weeks have flown by here at Liggett. It feels like yesterday I was given the grand tour and was introduced to everyone. I have experienced a great deal since that first day. I have sat in on brainstorming sessions, worked on revisions, helped at the Duck Tape Festival and toured The Plain Dealer. Just yesterday, I had the opportunity to assist a photographer on a photo shoot. There, I learned that dynamic movement, detail, and unique angles create an interesting composition.

The mentor program is one of the most rewarding elements of the Liggett Internship. It is refreshing to have someone you can go to with any question or concern. My mentor, Wes, is always willing to stop what he is doing and listen to any question I have. Also, he knows what I am going through as a young designer. To improve my concepting skills, Wes has assigned me a side project that consists of researching and concepting for a logo. The process he taught me to go through has given me the ability to get a lot of ideas down quickly.

As the Fourth of July weekend approaches, I sense the office eagerly anticipating the first day at the new space. While helping move boxes, I have seen our new office and I can tell it is a space that will SPARK great ideas.

Abie M.
Graphic Design Intern

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