Friday, July 31, 2009

Time out!

Early in our internship an LS employee (and previous LS intern) imparted his wisdom on us about what it takes to be a successful intern. While the obvious traits were incorporated in his presentation (hard-work, dedication, teamwork, etc.), he was also careful to mention the importance of taking a break. After several weeks here, I am beginning to understand why.

As many of us have mentioned before, every day at Liggett is a different experience. I have attended field trips, sat in on planning sessions, and worked on projects for a number of accounts. At a moment’s notice my workload here has gone from manageable to somewhat overwhelming. Yet even when stepping out for an hour-long lunch break seems like the last thing I have time for, I have learned how essential it is to do so.

Attempting to work without any breaks will only leave you drained, irritable, and ultimately unproductive. A successful intern knows that taking time to re-fuel and re-focus can mean the difference between average and quality work. And when starting out in any career, average work will never get you ahead.

So go ahead, grab a friend and get some grub. Take your mind off a project and peruse a funny blog. Whatever you need to do to rest your mind, just be sure to get back to work when you’re done!
Bonnie C.
Brand Management intern

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