Monday, July 18, 2011

Crawling With Interns

The intern crawl is nearly upon us. It’s a Liggett Stashower planned event just for us. We, well Isabelle mostly, rounded up other interns throughout downtown Cleveland in an effort to give us a greater picture of the agency scene around this area. We are going to grab lunch with all of the interns around noon this Wednesday, and then the game plan is to visit each of our respective agencies (five including our own). I think this is a great idea, and an awesome way to get a little taste of some of the other agencies in the surrounding area. We may not be returning to LS after we graduate, but who knows, we may end up somewhere else in Cleveland, so what better way to get our foot in the door? I’m pretty interested to talk and compare internship experiences with all of the other interns. My guess is they will pale in comparison, but joking aside I’m excited for the experience. Networking with other interns will probably prove just as important as with anyone else because 5 or 10 years down the road we will probably be in positions to help one another out.

On a less exciting note, we have less than a month remaining here at Liggett. I can only try to ignore how fast it will go, and attempt to squeeze all of the experience that I can out of each remaining day. The summer has been blazing by, and I imagine things won’t be slowing down.

Catch you guys next week.

Don D.

Creative Intern

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