Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Ham Day!

Today we celebrate the bi-annual LS holiday by feasting on ham and sharing our intern book presentations. If I could, I would send some ham over the internet so that you could share in the feasting, but as that technology is currently unavailable to me, the best thing I can do to share the celebration with you is to give you a summary of the book I am presenting on.
“The Big Book of Package Design” is my kind of book–97% pictures. It is a wonderful resource for gathering design inspiration. The book opens with brief remarks from the authors. In his opening comments, Will Burke breaks down the characteristics of good packaging. First of all, good packaging is meaningful. It communicates a shared value between the brand and the target audience. It tells them that the product is something they need or want. Secondly, good packaging is compelling. It causes consumers to identify with the brand by offering a new experience, different choice, or fitting into their lifestyle in a new and unexpected way. Finally, good packaging is authentic. It clearly conveys the product or experience the consumer will be purchasing. It sticks to brand values rather than only to trends. This summary of good packaging gave me a lens through which to evaluate the many examples of packaging that the next 375 pages contained. Here are a few of my favorite package designs from the book, and what I liked about them.

Student work by Stephen Rennekamp and Todd Vachon

Compelling: use of wit turns the package itself to turn into a conversation piece
Authentic: package visually communicates milk+beer(+humor), which is exactly what the product is.

Karacters Design Group, for Silver Hills Bakery

Meaningful: communicates that the product is natural/healthy with muted colors and the texture and color of the bread
Compelling: clear windows in bag cause unexpected interaction between the product and the packaging
Authentic: natural-looking packaging communicates whole grain bread

Meaningful: fun for kids, helpful to parents

Compelling: offers a new/unique handwashing experience
Authentic: fun, stands out, unique

Alyse E.
Creative Intern

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