Wednesday, July 20, 2011

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Last Monday, I began work on a small web project. I was excited to start some interactive work, as I am considering pursuing a career in that field. I was a little nervous at first, as it has been several months since I have done any HTML/CSS, but I only needed to do some very basic HTML and swap out some pictures, so it was a nice project to get me back into the flow of web work.

The possibilities brought about by innovative merging of technology and art are remarkable, and this is why the field of interactive design is appealing to me. I began looking into interactive design more after taking a class on Processing. Processing is a java-based “open source programming language and environment for people who want to create images, animations, and interactions.” ( I love the way art-programming and web design combine logic and creativity. As frustrating as it can be to search through your code for the missing semi-colon or end tag, it is incredibly satisfying once you find it!

A couple cool examples of what can be done in Processing:

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