Tuesday, July 12, 2011

I'll be in a meeting

Meetings can consume your day. Meetings with clients, with account teams or, as would be my case, with a designer. But just because meetings can eat away at your hours doesn’t mean they aren’t productive or, at times, pretty enjoyable.

Throughout my time interning at Liggett, I've had the opportunity to attend various meetings and hold a few of my own with fellow interns. Not only do I get to sit in on meetings with clients, but I’m encouraged to participate and provide thoughtful input when I can. While this can be intimidating, it is incredibly beneficial for all of us interns to experience. We’ll be leading our own meetings eventually, calling clients and presenting our ideas to them. And that would be terrifying without practice.

Yesterday, I attended an all-day client meeting. I was nervous, but I did my homework beforehand and was ready to try to be a productive attendee. And I think I did rather well. I'm sure I’ll become more comfortable and confident at meetings, once I go to more of them.

In a way, we’ll be tested on communication and interpersonal skills before our time at Liggett is up. One of our final client/public speaking/join the real advertising world experiences at LS will be our intern book report presentations during Ham Day festivities. Luckily, everyone will be scarfing down tasty ham, so if I stumble here or there it might go unnoticed.

Isabelle J.
Creative Intern

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