Tuesday, July 13, 2010

The brand at hand.

Today has been busy, to say the least. It’s hard to believe the projects that were first assigned at the start of this internship are now coming due. Book reports, t-shirts, posters. Sprinkle that on top of the bed of client work already in progress and you’ve got yourself a stressful salad. But it’s the good kind of stress. The stress before a deadline that knocks your behind into gear, producing some of your best work.

My latest challenge has been the intern t-shirt concept. As Rachelle talked about yesterday, we thought we had a t-shirt concept down, ready to print. But that is clearly not the case. We had some time to think on our own, talk with some helpful intern alum, and really dive into what is going to make this t-shirt better than the others.

I’ve been doing some branding research for the upcoming POV. I’m looking into how successful brands got their start. Most of the articles I’ve seen all pointed to the same thing. You must dig deep within your company (or self) to find out what you have to offer that separates you from the rest.

Back to the t-shirts. We have to create a t-shirt design that represents our intern class. Our brand. We need to dig deep within ourselves and figure out what makes us so much cooler (or lamer) than other intern classes. Then mold that into a t-shirt design Liggett employees would want to wear.

This is a pretty daunting task. Imagine, looking at yourself, like REALLY looking at yourself, and figuring out what makes you unique. If you had to get one tattoo, one permanent thing on your forehead, what would it be of? What would your logo be? What would your tagline be? Remember, like these intern t-shirts, your brand will be an impression of who you are, that sticks with someone for the rest of their life.

I’ll be sure to keep your posted on how these t-shirts turn out.

Ben L.

Creative Intern

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