Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How may I help you?

Monotony is rarely seen here at Liggett. I’ve come to realize ‘copywriting intern’ doesn’t cover the tasks that I’ve accomplished. It’s impossible to become well rounded by doing the same thing everyday. As a helpful intern, I’ve got a wide range of experience under my belt just by always offering to help.
You wouldn’t believe the work that goes into a business proposal here. Last week I was helping with a new packaging proposal within its final hour. Showing a client a nice print out of a design is not going to get you the account. This team created new packaging for an entire line of products. We had to package these ourselves as an agency, each one, individually, by hand, to perfection. This involved searching out and buying every piece of the hardware line in its old packaging, neatly opening it and using the casings for the new line created. Attention to detail was a must.
But packaging wasn’t my only ‘first’ here. Most recently, I had my hand at becoming a director for one of Liggett’s new case study videos. We have to come up with a way to tell the story of one of Liggett’s successful campaigns. The campaign can speak for itself, but we have to make it visually fun to watch and illustrate the success of Liggett’s work. Sasha and I, after much brainstorming, have a few sketched up storyboards to present today. Stay tuned for a new case study video on Liggett’s website.

Ben L.
Creative Intern

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