Friday, July 09, 2010


It was hard to come in this morning - not wearing all black - as we mourn the loss of LeBron James. Last night I was glued to the television, holding on to some sliver of hope that he might choose to stay in Cleveland.

Despite the heartbreak, the whole ordeal got me thinking about teamwork. As I sit here reminiscing about all the amazing games and the camaraderie of our players, I can't help but think of our group of interns as another great team.

Right now we're working on a pretty big project together. Every year the Liggett interns design a commemorative tee shirt to give to our executives and mentors at the end of the summer. It sounds easy, but it's more complicated than I thought - and we are all relying on each other to get the work done.

While we've been brainstorming ideas together in our intern meetings, we each have our own responsibilities. Rachelle and I are working on the internal paperwork, while Ben and Sasha go over taglines and designs.

Our deadline for production is coming up, so we're diving in headfirst. While things are a little haphazard now, I know our team will come up with a great product in the end.

And I don't think any of us will leave mid-project for Miami.
Katie F.
Brand Management Intern

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Sasha Thueringer said...

Ha, California is calling my name..however, I love my team too much to leave you guys. You deal with me day-in and day-out. You guys should be my boyfriends/girlfriends, I see you more than anyone else!

Thank for being the best intern friends ever.