Friday, July 02, 2010

No Place for the Timid...

I know it’s difficult coming out of your shell. I’ve been there. And I can remember the moments in college that started the process for me. That’s what I hope this internship is for our interns – the start of the process.

Every summer I see interns come in with wide-eyed expressions that I liken to deer in headlights. They are scared. They don’t want to screw up. They don’t want to be embarrassed. For some, they quickly get over it. Others never seem to embrace the notion that agency life is not for the timid.

While it may not always be super models and photo shoots, agency life is exciting, fast-paced and hectic. Clients look to their agency partners for expertise, advice and direction. Agency folks need to be ready, willing and able to step up, push back and take charge. We have to win and maintain the respect of our clients and we can’t do that being bashful - or dopey for that matter.

So, agency interns everywhere, no need for an alter ego, simply start the process. Talk to the staff at the agency not just your fellow interns. Ask questions. Ask for help. Volunteer for projects. Don’t take yourself too seriously. Admit agency life can be tough and you need us to show you the way.

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