Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Ham Mania

Among the many exciting days full of field trips and free food this week, me and my fellow LS interns are still working towards deadlines and meetings around the office. Next Friday the agency will be celebrating Ham Day, a Liggett annual event - not only do we get to enjoy ham and the company of the agency, we get to show everyone what we’ve been working on these past seven weeks. Each of us will be presenting our thoughts and ideas in a sort of “book report” style based on a book assigned to us at the beginning of the summer.

The fun part, though, is we get to promote and advertise this event ourselves internally. Ben, another creative intern, and I have been working towards concepting for the poster and there’s way more possibilities than you would think of how to utilize a pig in a poster. From a cartoon, to an outline, to Porky, and just a plain sandwich, we’re trying to find the best way to say “Hey! Come eat and enjoy yourself.” Some of the agency staff will see that visually, others will see it in words. It’s the correlation of both things that will make our poster stand out from the rest and worthy of being posted to the agency walls.

The actual process is something interesting to think about. While something can graphically say a lot, it cannot say it all. The constant back and forth between Ben and I is never-ending- in a good way. We use each other’s brains to pull out things we could not see alone and when we fall short of words, we have two minds searching for them, instead of just one.

Look forward to a future post with the final outcome. And enjoy some ham this week!

Sasha T.
Creative Intern

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