Wednesday, July 14, 2010

TV Legends

My whole life, I always thought working would consist of handing out Cokes and burgers to the mean and hungry. It wasn’t until college I realized work can be something you enjoy, too. We’ve had a lot going on lately. With the summer in full swing, many fun projects have been popping up. Working all day in the office and about an hour each night at home, this week seems especially busy. Luckily, LS seems to have the ability to read my mind because today I was definitely in need of some fun.

The intern crew, as well as Sean from the LS Project Management group, headed over to WKYC television (the Cleveland NBC affiliate) studios this morning with a fun day ahead of us. When we arrived, we were greeted then immediately taken to the set where “Good Company” (an information and entertainment based “talk show”) is filmed. We arrived about halfway through the show, so we got to watch the final half-hour or so be filmed. After, we toured the studios a bit and met the people that “make the magic happen.” So many parts and pieces go into each production. The amount of multi-tasking is phenomenal.

We got a chance to not only view the sets, but also have a little “playtime” with the special effects. If we weren’t already into our fields, I bet we all could be the next big anchor or weatherman.

Next, we watched the taping of the noon news program. We split and watched half in the studio and half in the control room. I have a new respect for live directors and anchors- anything can happen on live TV and since it can, it probably will. If any of you watched today, you know one can lose sound bytes just for them to re-appear again and a man dunking his head in a kiddy pool of ketchup is sometimes just something that happens.

So, work doesn’t always mean no fun. You just have to find the time to make it fun while learning along the way, and then treat yourself to burgers and Cokes after.

Thank for the great trip WKYC!

Check out our pictures from our trip!

Sasha T.

Creative Intern

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