Thursday, July 22, 2010

My time at University Settlement

The last time I checked in with the blog world about University Settlement, I had just spent my first day at the community center to discuss the upcoming project. Now five weeks later, I am deep into the assignment.

The past five Wednesdays I’ve spent part of the day at the Settlement meeting with program managers, board members and volunteers, interviewing seniors in the Adult Wellness Program, and sitting in the Hunger Center talking with clients as they pick up their groceries.

From the interviews so far, I’ve written 18 stories for the Settlement’s newsletter. Since I started my degree in journalism before switching to public relations, I was thrilled to be able to use my newspaper background while interviewing and writing these articles.

I learned quickly, however, that there are small, but important differences between newsletters and newspapers. Since these stories could be used in the Settlement’s newsletter, website, and even letters to donors, I’ve learned to write the facts while centering the stories about the Settlement’s greatest strengths.

It’s also been incredible to work one-on-one with the Settlement’s director of development. Each Wednesday before my interviews we discuss the project’s progress and he gives me constructive criticism about the stories I’ve written.

Working with the Settlement has taught me a lot about how a small organization works to promote their mission and has allowed me to meet with some really wonderful people. Though I'll be leaving the Settlement with the final stories in just three weeks, the lessons I've learned from their organization will help me for a long time to come.

Katie F.

Brand Management Intern

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