Thursday, July 29, 2010

Not just managing brands

With just a little more than two weeks left of our internship, it’s crunch time!

Every morning I write a to-do list of the projects I’m working on in the order they need to be completed. That helps to keep me on track, but life at Liggett can be very unpredictable.

All four of us interns have been working on a large research project for a client who is considering creating a new product. We were assigned specific topics to look up and were told to track down numerous encyclopedic articles. The work is very interesting, but can take a while as we need to read, print and highlight all the best facts.

It always seems when I’m in the heat of my research, I’m needed somewhere else! In the midst of all this, I’ve delivered a request for proposal to a prospective client and have helped assemble intricate press kits that will be mailed out later today. I also have finishing my newsletter articles for University Settlement and writing internal case studies on my agenda.

My time management has definitely improved from my experiences at Liggett. Instead of worrying when a new project was assigned to me during the middle of something else, I’ve learned to organize my schedule and kick things into full gear.

The unpredictability of life at Liggett is what makes working here so exciting. You never know what project will be coming your way next!

Katie F.

Brand Management Intern

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