Thursday, July 29, 2010

So, I'm one of those people...

A few weeks ago, Ben, the other creative intern, mentioned the big project him and I had been working on for a few weeks now, a DIY project for a Satellite Media Tour. I remember the day I got the assignment; it sounded exciting and quite in-depth, and I was correct. Not only did I get to create the design for furniture pieces, I also executed the designs and documented every step so people just like you can do it too! It wasn’t until this project did I realize how many actions are required to show how to DIY.

The actual SMT (Satellite Media Tour) is set to be airing during August and then I’ll be able to see my own work on the screen. This is very exciting and I cannot believe I’ve gotten the chance to do things as big as this as an “intern”. This, however, is how Liggett separates itself from other internships; while there will always be the days when you do a coffee run, (like yesterday, my mentor Wes asked very nicely for me to run to Starbucks for him, but he always buys me a drink too- yum frappuccino!) on a daily basis you're handed projects and included in meetings just like any other employee at the agency.

I have acquired many strong pieces for my portfolio this fall, which I cannot wait to show the others in my class. The feeling of seeing my work in public places, online, and in the hands of others really fuels my desire to continue in this field. I’ve never doubted what I’ve wanted to do, once I realized just what that was, and I cannot wait to finish my last two years at school, because it’s places like this and people like this that make it all seem worthwhile. I may never know the science behind how my computer works, and I know that while the necessity is that it works, the execution and idea behind any design always ends up back to the brain of a “creative” thinker. I consider myself lucky to be one of those because when I look back at what I’ve done and look forward to what I will do, the possibilities are endless and forever expanding.

Sasha T.

Creative Intern

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