Thursday, July 08, 2010

The heat’s a-risin’& deadlines are a-flyin’

With the temperatures reaching the 90s here in Cleveland, I have to continually wipe my head from the sweat pouring out of every pore across my brow. It’s Cleveland for gosh sakes; why can’t even a fraction of this warmth stick around for the winter? But, let’s not even mention the winter; it brings back horrible memories (snow up to my knees again?! No thank you!). It seems all this heat is getting to everyone. I look outside of my window at Liggett and there are not quite as many people outside and there’s a race every day around noon for the tables in the shade. However, while most are seeking the air conditioning, I’m seeking more time.

We have now been here at Liggett for five weeks. I sit back and think where has this time gone? It doesn’t feel like I’ve worked for five weeks, mostly just got stuff done and then had fun. Not only did we go to the Indian’s game, but also, we make regular trips to the corner Starbucks and a nice little restaurant call Bricco down the street. Ben even got a complimentary birthday brownie Tuesday! I suppose I’m mirroring my last post in saying, after work, we play. Luckily, all the time we spend working pays off in the smallest ways.

I’ve never been the type of person to do anything short term, and I remember when I found out I had 10 weeks here at Liggett. At that time, I felt it was long (over 2 months). I look now, and it really is too short. I haven’t quite figured out this hate for the cubicle or office work many people speak of. Yes, some days seem to last longer than others, but five o’clock always comes and the sun is still beating around eighty-something for about four more hours.

We are finally making some head-way on our intern t-shirt and soon it will be Ham Day (Liggett’s own annual internal holiday) but only after our intern party, all scheduled for the end of this month. Next week we have a field trip to WKYC studios and the week after that Oliver Printing and The Plain Dealer. There’s still so much to do but with so little time and with all this fun going on, I could do this job for an extra five weeks, no problem. Luckily, deadlines make me work even harder when they come creeping up, so with all the work out of the way, these last few weeks here will fly by (unfortunately). The end of this internship means the end of my cubicle, my new friends, and the end of summer. Let’s delay it, can’t we?

Sasha Thueringer

Creative Intern

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