Monday, June 06, 2011

Beers and Mocktails

My first day as an intern at Liggett Stashower began with a sink full of beers. Then came the X-Acto Blades. Don’t worry. Nothing crazy happened. And from that point on, I got the feeling that my time at Liggett will be anything but boring. The other interns and I got to scraping off the beer labels, as the bottles were soon to get a new label featuring an invitation to a Liggett event.
But our first day wasn’t spent cleaning or doing other typical “intern things.” We didn’t have to get someone coffee or pick up dry cleaning. I’m sure we all would do it without hesitation, but we got to jump right into actual work. After meeting many members of the Liggett family, touring the agency and getting settled into our new cubicles, we were given our first assignments. That’s where the mocktails come in. We were given the job of finding fruity non-alcoholic drink recipes for an upcoming client project. And I even got another assignment to be due by the next day’s creative team meeting.
It was a pretty busy first day. But we are definitely not complaining. I can’t wait to see what other projects will be coming my way. I will be learning every day, which is something not everyone can say about his or her job or internship experience. I know Liggett will help me “be better,” and (I hope) I can contribute something positive to it as well.

Isabelle J.
Creative Intern

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