Wednesday, June 08, 2011

Just Getting My Feet Wet

My first day at Liggett Stashower started hours before I actually arrived in sunny Cleveland, Ohio. My fear of arriving late after over an hour-long daily commute convinced me that I should be up even before the sun. The traffic wasn’t nearly as bad as I expected because it’s only ever bad when you’re running late, and I arrived well before I needed to. After reading for a bit and sipping down a cup of Joe I headed upstairs. One by one, the interns filtered into the lobby making awkward ‘nice to meet you’ conversions while consciously anticipating the day.

Soon enough we were meeting, greeting, and buzzing through a barrage of tours and training conferences. As we discussed the upcoming summer months I began to realize what a great opportunity this internship plans to be. There will be many great opportunities not just for experience, but for networking as well. We have multiple field trips set up around town to further immerse ourselves into Cleveland and the possible opportunities it has to offer. I’ve heard over and over that it’s all about who you know. So in turn, I plan to meet as many people as I possibly can over the next couple of months.

During the course of the day we were called upon for different odd jobs helping out with a number of projects, and it was exciting to break into some stuff on the first day. By days end I finally got a chance to get back into familiar territory with Adobe Illustrator. I helped design a couple logos as a part of the conference room renaming process. I’m not sure if I’m authorized to disclose any more information about this, but just know that they promise to be very unique and maybe even magical. I am eager to see what unfolds as the summer moves forward, and I am ready to jump in with both feet on the designing end, but for the first few days I am okay with testing out the water.

Donald D.

Creative Intern

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