Monday, June 13, 2011

A different kind of classroom

After finishing my first week at Liggett, I breathed a sigh of relief. Not because I was so glad it was over, but because I was so glad I could actually be a productive member of the team. I received both positive feedback and constructive criticism. I think I produced quality work my first week, but I know that with the help and advice from Liggett employees, I will be turning out highly improved ideas and copy by the end of my time here.

But aside from the actual writing-related work during my first week, I learned some other interesting, useful things, too.

1. Traffic patterns are crazy, but I think I’ve found the Golden Time to get to Cleveland from Kent. It’s 6:50 in the morning. I usually get to work about 30 minutes early. But I left at 7 one morning, and I was almost late.

2. There are maybe more than three Subways within walking distance of the Hanna Building. That’s a lot.

3. It is a blessing and a curse to have a Starbucks in your basement.

4. Riding PARTA home to Kent isn’t really that bad. At least I can nap.

5. Permanent adhesive really is permanent. There is no leeway.

6. It is acceptable to play Frisbee/catch in the office.

7. There is a barber shop on the third floor of the Hanna Building. Do people actually get haircuts there?

8. Sorting mail is kind of fun. It’s interesting to see who gets what at the office.

9. In order to function in the morning, I have to go to bed by midnight, which is a change from my previous 2:30 a.m. bedtime.

10. Coffee is now my ambrosia.

I wonder what I’ll learn next. This is one of the things I am realizing I really like about this internship. It’s not just about advancing my copywriting skills; it’s about learning and experiencing new things in any way you can every day.

Isabelle J.
Creative Intern

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