Friday, June 17, 2011

Putting the Pieces Together

As I sat at my desk nibbling on a half-eaten bagel from Starbucks, I took a look around me at the disaster area that was formerly a neat cubicle. Each piece of paper, folder or post-it serves as a reminder of the work I had put in over the past two weeks. There is the hand written note reminding me that I have to do the mail today, lists of media audits that need to be done and creative supplements to review. I'm starting to realize that even though each piece of material isn't necessarily for the same client, they all fit together somehow.

Over the course of the past couple of weeks, I have learned so much about how a PR agency works. All parts of the machine have to work together in order for it to work. The video shoot that Isabelle and I traveled to on Tuesday was a testament to that. The shoot proved to be a learning experience. There, the creative and account service teams came together to create something great for a client--a valuable asset to the campaign that will help keep their brand strong. Each side brought something to the table that helped the shoot be a success...technical knowledge, client relation skills, creative suggestions. But the the biggest thing I took away from the experience was the importance of a strong relationship with the client. The dynamic that's created from that relationship will help to make things run just a little bit more smoothly. A lot of hard work goes into creating something like a TV spot, but when the director shouts, "Cut!", and the client walks away happy I think that it's definitely worth it for everyone involved.

So yes, keeping track of all the pieces to the puzzle might get difficult sometimes. But once they all come together to making the magic happen, the feeling of accomplishment couldn't be greater.

--Alyssa P.
Brand Management Intern

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