Monday, June 20, 2011

Details, details

A week ago the interns were invited to attend commercial shoot. Video is one of my interests, so I particularly enjoyed the shoot. I was aware that video takes a lot of set-up, planning, and attention to detail, but this was the first time I had ever seen that in person. I was enthralled with the whole process. The way the crew seemed to know just how to direct the light to make it look natural and get rid of the shadows, the way the talent could convey frustration with the slightest tightening of his mouth without over-exaggerating, the way the director could orchestrate all of the elements to work together to create a commercial that he can be proud of and that the client loves. Every detail of the shoot was planned, but that did not eliminate spontaneity. Everyone appeared to be very flexible, and were more than willing to make last minute changes in props, materials, camera angles, and such to achieve perfect look for the video. The client, director, and crew were all willing to put in the extra time in order to make the commercial the best it could be.
Following all of this, on Tuesday Don and I were asked to work on duct tape press kits and make a tie and chef hat out of duct tape for WKYC. This is awesome.

Alyse E.

Creative Intern

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