Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The clock's ticking

Everyone deals with deadlines. I think the first time I encountered a deadline was at the age of three. I issued a self-imposed one, in order to force myself to quit sucking my thumb. And then, of course, projects and book reports were due in middle and high school. But, in my experience, those deadlines really only impacted me. It wasn’t until college that my deadlines mattered to more people than just me. Whether it was in my Advertising Campaigns course or in Student Media, meeting my deadlines was important to everyone involved. And this is especially true at Liggett.

Last Friday, I was somewhat frantically trying to write a radio script for a client who wanted to see something the following Monday. I hadn't written a radio script in about a year. I was nervous. I had an end-of-the-day deadline to produce something that could actually be shown to the client. But, with some help and guidance, I ended up with a script that was one of three sent to the client for review.

Obviously, deadlines matter more when clients are thrown in the mix. But my deadlines at Liggett matter to so many other parties. The agency as a whole, the Creative Department, the account team and even the journalism school at Kent State need me to meet my deadlines. And if I can’t write on deadline, I’m probably not going to be able to land a job.

Even though some people claim to create their best work under pressure, I don’t think I’m one of them. I can produce really good work, but with more time and thought the work should, theoretically, improve. But, of course, this deadline-free world isn't possible. Profitability would go out the window. So, I’ll stick to the deadlines given to me and, in true Liggett spirit, learn how to be better and do great work in the time I’m given.

Isabelle J.
Creative Intern

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